Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Congrats to Our Newest Missionary

Saturday was a big day for our family as our newest Missionary Landon received his mission call. He had a super fun (so I heard) pool party to celebrate and open his call with his friends and family present. I was really disappointed that we weren't able to make it.

Landon was called to the New York City, New York mission Spanish speaking.

I actually think one of my aunts went there on her mission but I can't remember which one hmm... any way now that Landon is going to learn Spanish he and my brother Lincoln will have their own secret language that they can use when they don't want anyone else to know what they are saying. Well except for the billion other people who speak Spanish. Ok so they can use it when they don't want ME to know what they are saying. Man I'm so disappointed I've always wanted to have a secret language!That's ok maybe someday... *Sigh* Ok congratulations to Landon whatever!

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Elizabeth said...

That's so cool, my cousin served her mission in NY, NY and I might go there for school one of these days...and you should totally learn another language! If you learn German, I will talk with you! I need to brush up on mine anyways...