Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sleepy baby

I was trying to change a stinky baby the other night at the park and was amazed at how well a baby can sleep on anything.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jim

So yesterday was my late step dad's birthday. He passed away from cancer a few years back but even though he isn't with us anymore my Mom decided we should still celebrate his birthday. So yesterday we had a really fun party at the park in his honor.

It was really fun we had BBQ chicken, fruit salad and home made root beer (Jim's favorite) we even had cake and ice cream. After everyone had eaten we all took turns telling what we had learned from him or what we had remembered the most about him. I didn't think I was going to have anything to say when it was my turn, but I surprised even myself with my memory about Jim was that he never yelled. It actually annoyed me at the time (I was a teenager what can you expect now it is a treasured memory) But any time someone would be mad and yelling at someone else Jim would always say "where is the fire? Why are you yelling? I don't see a fire" I guess in his mind having a fire is the only circumstance where yelling is allowed. =) It was so much fun getting to see all my step brothers and sisters and most of all getting to remember Jim.

Happy Birthday! We love and miss you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun with Chocolate Cake

Ok so since I have been home and in bed for the last few weeks my only outlet has been watching TV. I like watching while Jace eats or just having it on in the background for ambiance. I have recently become adicted to the show top chef on bravo. I've actually almost become adicted by default since daytime television is pretty much non exsistant even with cable. Ok any way on this show top chef the chefs have to create great tasting food and great looking food. It is so fun watching them come up with creative ways to make their food look better. I enjoyed it so much that I decided I would try my hand at it. I made this really great fancy decorated cake for my Mom for mothers day but I didn't get to take a picture of it. So I had some free time and decided to make another one with some extra flare. The extra flare being the Chocolate swirl garnishes =) so fun. So here is my creation that I got some really good pictures of.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Tattoo

So last weekend we went to a party Steven's work had at a park in Scottsdale. We went primarily so Steven could show off Jace to everyone he works with. While we were there Steven and his friend Kathryn decide that Jace needs a tattoo. Don't worry folks it's just a stick on. You know one of those that you put on with a wet wash cloth. What kind of parents do you think we are? I actually thought it was really cool so here are some pictures.

I have a strange feeling this is going to come back and bite us in the butt when Jace comes to us with a real tattoo and says "well you thought it was cool when I was a baby!" Stick on Jace it was a stick on!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some Cuteness

Here is a video of little Jace hiccuping so you should put your sound on to hear it.

Below are some pictures as well. Steven's favorite is the knee high picture. Looking like a real player with those socks!

Here is one of Jace with his cousin Rosey Jane. She is about a month older than Jace and look how much bigger Jace is than her. We sure do have one big boy.