Friday, June 13, 2008

Mindy and Jace in Georgia

This week Mindy and Jace are in Georgia visiting Uncle Scott and Aunt Penny. Steven just started a new job so he didn't want to take time off work because we are taking off a week in July for our trip to Laguna (Which I am seriously excited for) Even though Steven couldn't come I have lots of free time since I'm not working at the moment (which is great by the way) and Steven wanted Scott and Penny to meet Jace. So Georgia here we come!

I was actually really worried about the flight. I used to travel for my work and I would hate the idiot lady that would bring her kid on the plane and they would scream the whole time. I did not want to be that idiot lady that everyone gives dirty looks to. But my little mad did so good! He slept almost the entire flight. He woke up once to eat and then it was right back to sleep. Everyone in the airport smiled at me and told me how cute he was (like I don't know just how cute my own little boy is I'm his mother Duh!)

Since we have been here we have had so much fun! I especially love using my new camera =) But silly me I didn't bring the cord with me to get the pictures from the camera to the computer so you will all just have to wait till we get home to see. With my new camera I got a 4GB memory card and I am so glad I did I can take tons of pictures and believe you me I have been taking tons. I am still getting the a hang of my camera but I'm sure there will be at least some good ones to share.

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Diane said...

can't wait to see pics, how fun for you. I'm sure Steven is going to be so excited to have you both back home - he'll be seeing all the ways Jace has changed. I was glad to have Danny back after a week, but he really hadn't changed much :)