Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Character Comparison

Aparently our family are look alikes for many tv characters. This is our nephiew Maine who looks an awful lot like Lando's co-pilot from star wars. It's gotta be the cheeks =)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Graduation Party

Today was a great and auspicious day. Steven just finished his absolutely last day of classes EVER! Since he doesn't have school Tuesdays and Wednesday is reading day... Ta dah he's done! Which means that after a few horrific finals (yuck) graduation will be upon us! Yay I can't wait.

I want to make sure everyone knows about Steven's Graduation party. I have already gotten a few of the invitations I sent out back so I thought I'd make the announcement that you are all invited. It will be Saturday the 20th at 7pm till whenever at our house. So please come and celebrate with us Steven has worked so hard for this and it is finally here!

Don't you just love the awesome invitations I made for him. I made a bunch of other ones but they were too "girly" ah men... Why does everything with poke-a-dots call their manhood into question? But the man gets what the man wants I'm just happy he is finally graduating!