Friday, February 26, 2010

Thats what little boys are made of...

So the nursery rhyme goes...

"What are little boys made, of made of...

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

Thats what little boys are made of"

Well in the case of my little boy we need to add another ingredient to the list of what he is made of and that ingredient is DIRT

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Figured it out... well mostly

So after lots of doctors visits and even a trip to Phoenix Children's Hospital we finally figured out why Nellie got so sick. It isn't a normal occurrence for babies as young as Nellie to get a urinary tract infection or in Nellie's case a Kidney infection. My pediatrician was worried that there could be something more serious going on and that was causing her to get the infection and it turns out she was right.

We went to Phoenix Children's on Thursday last week to have a few tests done. One was an ultrasound to check to make sure her kidneys weren't damaged from the infection and the other was a VCUG to figure out what the heck was going on. The VCUG is a really cool procedure (it would have been so much more fun to watch if it wasn't my baby on the table) What they do is insert a catheter into her bladder and fill it up with contrast material. Then they take periodic x-rays to see how things are flowing in there. It turns out that Nellie has vesicourital reflux a condition where her urine backs up into her kidneys when it isn't supposed to. Fortunately it wasn't a severe case only being on one side and it was a level 2 out of 5 for severity. So our treatment is preventative antibiotics for 6months! Then they redo the VCUG to see if she has grown out of it yet. I'm so excited that the fix is so simple and easy just 3/4 of a teaspoon of medicine at bed time but I'm seriously worried about my baby being on antibiotics for 6 months. And if she ends up getting another kidney infection while she is on the medication they might have to do surgery. Yikes! Lets hope it doesn't come to that.

Ok the bad news isn't over yet it gets worse... So I got the most terrible call from my doctor yesterday. She was taking a closer look at Nellie's x-rays from the vcug and she noticed something wrong with her hips. She apparently has pediatric hip dysplasia. My niece Emma is actually having surgery next Tuesday to correct the very same thing. I found out that is a genetic trait that runs in families in baby girls. I'm trying my hardest to look at this as a blessing. Since we had the test done for a different problem we were able to detect the hip problem early so she hopefully won't have to have surgery like Emma. We don't know the full extent of it yet we don't have our consult with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon until next Friday. Funny enough we are seeing the same doctor Emma is.

I'm sure everything will work its self out (at least thats what Steven tells me) but i'm sure your prayers wouldn't hurt. I'll keep you all updated as we see doctors and learn more.

At least she is still as cute as ever

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Baby Back

I am so happy to finally have my happy baby back! I feel like she has been missing for a whole week. The reason she's been missing is a stupid sick bug took her away from me and left me a grouchy moody baby instead of my sweet happy one.

It snuck into our house on Friday night giving Nellie fevers off and on all afternoon and into the night. Usually if it is just a cold or flu bug the fevers last a day or so and then go away. But this was a nasty mean bug and it kept giving her fevers all weekend so by sunday she was seriously sick and not to mention seriously grouchy. Well you would be too if this sick bug bit you. I even almost took her into urgent care on Sunday night. She made it till Monday and we got the first available appointment with the Pediatrition.

When we walked into the office the first thing everyone said was how pale Nellie's face was. This was a serious bug and you could tell by the way she was acting that she was miserable. The doctor and lab people poked and prodded her all day trying to figure out what was wrong with her and which sure didn't help. The doctor poked her to get a cath for some pee and the Lab people poked her twice to get her blood. But thankfully it was all worth it. She had a urinary tract infection bug a pretty bad one. Almost bad enough to take her to the hospital but thankfully not. She got a shot of antibiotics on monday and a perscription on tuesday. But her tummy didn't like the perscription so it was back to the doctor on Wednesday for another shot and another perscription. Finally today she had beat the bug back enough to start feeling better.

She is smiling and laughing and making happy faces again it is like I have my wonderful happy girl back and I'm so glad.