Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Pics from our trip

So just incase you were all wondering Jace and I made it back to Arizona safe and sound. I have a seriously good baby! I love taking him places and letting everyone see just how cute and good he really is. There were probably 10 other kids on the plane with us and he was by far the best behaved. He slept almost the entire way there and back!

I loved walking through the airport you should have seen the smiles I got from people. There is just something about a baby that makes everyone smile and when you are the one holding the baby it seems like they are all smiling at you.

I had so much fun with Scott and Penny and Jones. Jones loved Jace and having his Aunt Mindy to play with. And since I had my new camera I took tons of pictures here are a few of the good ones.


Brittany K Lane said...
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Elizabeth said...

CUTE!!!! I love it!!!

Big Tom the Great and Magnificent said...

not bad lookin kids you Raisors have

Nathan and Alicia Phelps Family said...

Hey Mindy! your blog is so cute! I just started one too! Check it out at: Jace is such an adorable baby... I can see why pepole can't resist smiling at such a stud!