Monday, June 9, 2008

Missing Mesa Man

So Here is a sad story (don't worry it has a happy ending) This past week was Scout camp for our ward. Steven being the Deacon's quorum adviser took a few days off work to go be with the boys.

As soon as Steven reached camp Geronimo on Thursday afternoon he called me saying that one of his boy's grandpas was missing. He was supposed to get to the camp on Monday but he didn't arrive. It was that day that people started asking me if I had heard about the man from mesa that was missing. "Yeah he is in our ward" Crazy!

They fortunately found him on friday morning around 8am.. I guess he and wrong directions to get to the camp and got lost. Then his truck got stuck in a ditch and since he was so lost no one was able to find him to help him out.

He finally left the truck and hiked to the top of a mountain to get cell phone reception to call his wife and the police. He was pretty dehydrated but otherwise ok. We are all very thankful that he is home safe and sound

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