Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever Expanding Belly!

Just thought everyone would like to see just how big I'm getting. With the baby getting bigger and bigger so does the belly. It is actually really fun as he gets too big for my stomache he gets easier and easier to see and feel. Steven loves it when we sit on the couch after dinner (you know when mom and baby are both fat and happy) and every time he shifts position you can see my whole stomache move with him. Steven even thinks his favorite past time is kicking him in the face. Every time Steven rests his head on my tummy to talk to Jace, he always kicks him right in the face. Go Jace go! Only 2 more months until he can actually kick him in the face.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fire in the Kitchen!

My Mother was in the kitchen last Tuesday or Wednesday, you know slaving over the stove to feed the masses, and she had all 4 burners of the stove running at the same time. Now, you would think that having all 4 burners on at the same time wouldn't be a problem, and it shouldn't be a problem, that is for a regular Mom. Well my mom is no regular mom. You see legend has it, that certain unfortunate moms, through no fault of their own, are to be haunted by a evil curse. A curse where all household appliances secretly band together against that mom to make all of her household efforts futile. It is the curse of the malfunctioning appliances! OOOOOhhhhh! (That was for dramatic effect, I hope you got that) Any way my poor mom just so happens to be a sufferer of this appliance curse therefore making her vulnerable in ways that other normal mom's, with all 4 burners on the stove running at the same time, could never dream of.

So we continue our story where we left off... with all 4 burners on at once. As you can probably guess sparks start to fly from the cursed stove. Mom, being the great heroin I know her to be, and also being aware of her appliance curse, is cunning enough not to reach across the sparking stove to turn some of the burners down or off. She tries to outwit the evil stove and the appliance curse by cutting them off at the source. The breaker! She runs out the front door to cut power to the blood thirsty stove and teach it a lesson it would not soon forget. Unfortunately my Mom isn't the fastest mom in the world and she didn't get to the breaker in the nick of time like the story books would like you to believe. Actually the exact opposite happened, she got to the breaker just after the nick of time had already passed and the cursed stove was able to start a fire in our heroin's kitchen.

Now Mom returns to the kitchen and discovers the fire started by the evil stove but never fear! Mom is not so easily outsmarted. She races to the kitchen cabinet in search of her secret weapon; the all powerful box of baking soda. Now that she has her secret weapon it is time to battle. The evil stove has had far too much time to reek havoc and fire on mom's kitchen and it's time has come. Back and forth they battle as baking soda, flames and thick black smoke fill the kitchen and then spread to the rest of the house. Finally our heroin, soot stained and weary realizes this battle can not be won if fought alone. So she calls for the trusty fire department to come to her aid and finally end the cursed stoves reign of fire. 4 fire trucks 3 police cars and 1 fire extinguisher later the battle is finally over the stove has been beaten. Hey, even the best heroes need to call for back up every now and again.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Baby Pictures!

Ok we got a really fun suprise today. When I went in for my ultrasound they told me my Amniotic fluid was a little low. So at my last doctors visit she told me she wanted to run some tests to make sure that everything was normal. When we got to the testing center today we got a fun suprise we were getting another ustrasound. Our tech was really nice (and we shop at the same underware store) so she printed us off a ton of pictures to take home and share!

Here are some really cool face pictures in 3D! He was a little stinker and wouldn't show us his face so here it is from the side. He knows he is a stinker that's why he is smiling in the first one. Look at those huge cute cheeks!

These ones are kind of hard to tell what you are looking at but they are more of his face. You can't see it in the pictures but he has lots of hair too.

More face pictures. I like the one where his face is smashed up against my uterus.

Last but not least it is definately a BOY! and he has HUGE FEET! The bottom left is a little big foot. He definately gets those feet from his dad!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking for a house

It is official we are looking for a house. Actually we are looking for a townhouse to buy. We have decided that we are no longer happy with living in such a bad neighborhood especially with our baby on the way so we are looking to relocate. With the market the way it is we are hoping we can get a really good deal. Actually we are hoping to find a foreclosure townhouse to buy. If anyone knows someone that has a townhouse/house going into foreclosure please let us know! We could buy it from whoever needs to get rid of their property before it goes to foreclosure and everybody wins!! Steven wants to live closer to school and work so we are thinking Tempe, Chandler area. We'll see what we can find.