Monday, November 23, 2009

Up and Running

Well things are moving along nicely with unpacking and making our new house feel like home. I think we are down to about 6 or 7 boxes left to unpack. Which I am seriously proud of us for. We have only been in our house for 3 weeks and we're almost completely unpacked. My mom has been in her house for almost a year and she still has boxes left =) Sorry Mom

We LOVE our new ward and have already made some new friends. Fortunately for us we had some old Friends we already knew. Jake Bell and his wife are in our ward that Steven knew growing up. Kathryn and Brent Olsen which I knew in Highschool and College and even a couple we knew from our first ward after we got married the Danielsons. We've even gotten into their babysitting Co-op they have and it is so nice to not have to pay for babysitting.

Steven has started Refing Highschool Basketball. We have been talking about him doing this for almost a year now and he is finally doing it. He went to a bunch of training meetings and has his first game next week I think. Our 10 year plan is for him to be a reff in a big college conference or even the NBA and then he can be an Engineer in the off season. He'd like that job a lot better and I don't blame him I'd hate to be stuck at a desk all day. I don't know how he does it.

Oh and we got a new computer!! It has been almost a year since ours broke and we would fix it so it would work for a month or so then break again. It was seriously aggrivating I'm soooo happy we have a new one now so I can post more often and just keep in touch with the real world

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching up

Since we finally got our computer fixed again... and hopefully it will stay fixed this time... we decided to do some much needed catching up.

Halloween was awesome firstly because we were officially moved into our new house and secondly because of the awesomeness that was Jace's super cool Jack Jack costume. I tried to have him be Jack Jack for halloween last year but I, of course, waited until the last minute to find him a costume and couldn't. It was mainly becuse they just don't make a whole lot of costumes for really little babies. So this year I had to get creative. Jace still wasn't big enough to fit into a child size costume so we had to make our own. I have to give credit to Steven's friend John. A couple years ago he was the most amazing Mr Incredible so I stole the costume Idea from him. So we bought some red sweats, black duct tape and a tube of black lipstick (for the mask). I taped over the sweats to look like black briefs and taped up his church shoes to look like boots. Then a little lipstick and hair gel and wah lah. An awesome Jack Jack costume.
Isn't he cute!!!

Nellie was a pumpkin. She loved her costume because it was very warm and snuggly and she was held the whole time. What baby wouldn't love that.

And last but not least I finally broke down and gave Jace a hair cut. He has been looking very scraggily and scary for a long time but I didn't have the heart to cut off those sweet little baby curls. I finally convinced myself that they had to come off some time so after 19 months of growing he finally said good bye to his baby hair. I'm so glad I did though. He looks so much better with it trimmed more grown up (*snif*) but better.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health, Halloween and House

Health - First off an update on mindy. She is doing great. She had her surgery and everything is fine now. It took her an extra few weeks to get healthy but she is there now. we appreciate all the concern and help. By the way our computer went down again and that is why there wasn't an update sooner. we really need to get a new one but they cost so dang much.

Halloween - Of course it was Halloween recently and we have a couple of pics for you. I (Steven) was a ninja. Mindy was a very hot cop! Nellie was a pumpkin. And Jace was the best Jack Jack ever! He got so many compliments and thanks to some duct tape and black lipstick I would have to agree.

House - We finally closed on our house and moved in! Like I said our computer is down so i am sneaking this post from work and only have a few pics from my phone so here is a pic of the kitchen and you'll have to wait for pictures of the rest.

and of course just a couple more cute pics of our awesome kids!