Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Suns Game!

For Steven's Graduation present I got him super sweet suns tickets. We were in row 7 right behind the suns bench. We have been talking about going to a suns game for years and just never got around to it. It was so much fun. The atmosphere was amazing I had no idea that people got so into the games. We were so close to the action too. We saw Eddie Johnson an ex suns player, we said hi to Gambo a sports news caster. he was super nice and chatted with us for a bit. We also sat right next to Jerry Colangelo! We were so close to him we even tried to read his diamondbacks world series ring!. After the game we ran into Dan Marjlee. It was seriously so much fun we are definately going to have to do this again very soon!
Steven and GamboSteve Nash sinking a 3 pointer
Shaq shooting a free throw

I can't believe how close we were to the action! I loved every minute

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Car!!!

So ever since the death of our beautiful infinity in the parking lot of the hospital, we have been barely surviving on one car. I have been braving being at home all day while Steven was at work. I have been trying for months now to get Steven to buy me a new car but I haven't been successful until now! Today we officially became a 2 car family and I absolutely LOVE my new car! It is beautiful. I wanted a crossover or at least something higher off the ground so it would be easier to get Jace in and out. My solution the Saturn VUE. It gets really good gas milage for an SUV and it is of course the sexiest car on earth! But the best part is the price. I know you'll all be jealous because we got it for only $4500.


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Picky Baby

So Jace has been unusually cranky lately. He has had a really hard time sleeping. He wakes up several times a night and it takes him a really long time to go back to sleep. This was really wierd for us because usually he is a really good sleeper. I had the hardest time figuring out why he has been so grumpy. I finally figured it out. We have been trying to save money lately so I decided to get the cheaper brand of formula instead of the really good expensive stuff. There was a huge price difference between the 2 it's actually like a $10 difference. Apparantly my son can tell the difference. He wouldn't drink the bottles we gave him and when he would drink some of it he would get really cranky. It's not like we gave him that much formula it was mostly for his bed time routine. So we broke down and got him the expensive formula and now he is so much happier.
I guess we just have a picky baby with expensive taste =) Silly boy

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas and Catching Up

I must appologize to our loyal readers we have just had and incrediblly busy couple of weeks. I know, I know that shouldn't be a good excuse for not posting for so long. But we are back and we are so happy to be back

when you hear what we've been up to I'm sure you'll understand what took me so long.

Steven sucessfully graduated from ASU on December 19 and boy did we have a good time celebrating it. Steven's brother Scott and his wife Penny and 2 boys Jones and Maine flew in to be there for the graduation. It was great to have them here for Steven's big day. My brother Dallas also graduated and between his, Drews and Steven's graduation parties, we were pretty busy.

As you all know this was Jace's first Christmas and boy was he excited. Just look at that joy on that cute little face. (Just a little side note. I had to get him a "My first Chrismas" pair of Pajamas he looked so adorable in them)

Jace got some really fun toys for Christmas his favorite was his fun table that sings and plays music. And it is the perfect hight for him to help him learn how to stand and walk. He loves it. Infact we had a really hard time getting him to open any other presents.

And every little boy must have a ball =)

Jones loved trying on Uncle Steven's New Christmas shoes. Ummm... I think you have a lot of growing to do before those fit you kid.
Scott and Penny spent the night for Christmas eve and Steven's Mom came over to help us open presents. It was a crazy mess afterward but we loved every minute of it. Baby Maine was so adorable snuggling with his daddy. It was his first christmas too =)

New Years was a blast! Every year Steven's family does a party at his Aunt Nancy's. We make homemade Pizza, play games, watch movies all night and of course there are always FIREWORKS! I think Jace might be a little pyro maniac in the making. He loved the fireworks! I think the Sparklers were his favorite. Then again what little kid doesn't love bright lights.

Sorry for the long gap we'll try to not let it happen again =)