Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy blessing day!

Yesterday was Jace's blessing day. We were going to bless him last month but I with my surgery and family conflicts it had to wait till June. I am so glad we waited though because it was so much easier for me to plan and we could have all of our family there.

I was debating at first wether or not I was going to buy him a white outfit to wear but then I found out they made little baby tuxes and I had to have one. Steven and I spent almost all day friday looking for one. We found some at burlingtons but they all had crosses on them. We finally got a recomendation from a store clerk to try this little mexican store on 48th St and Southern. And jackpot! We found the perfect one! They had these ones with tails that I really wanted but they didn't have one small enough. But I really liked the one we got anyway. He had a little white shirt and pants, a tie, a cute little vest and a Jacket to top it all off.

After the blessing we had a luncheon at my grandma's house. We had alot of our family there and we had food and cake and it was a really good time. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this day special.


Van Vleet Family said...

I LOVE the tux! How cute!!! I'm so sorry we couldn't be there :( It looked like you had a great time. Jace is such a cutie. I'm stealing him for a good while next time I see you :) I love holding him :)

Josh and Heather said...

Congrats! That's great to see all your family :) I KNOW that tux place! I eat lunch by there a lot, ha ha! He looked so great, too!

Big Bad Mamma said...

He looks so cute! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Give him a kiss for us.