Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our First Baby Pictures

Our baby's Spine

Cute Little Fingers

Our baby dressed up as an alien for Halloween! That's the Baby's face scary huh!

Hurray! It's a BOY!!!

At first he had his little legs crossed so we couldn't see what was there (or what wasn't there) so the nurse had to push extra hard on my tummy to get him to move so we could see. Finally right at the end of the ulrasound he moved just enough so we could see that it was a BOY! He will be the first boy on my side (my sister has 3 little girls) And Scott's baby jones will have a cousin to play with. We are so thrilled!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baby Emma!

Our new nice Baby Emma was born this morning at 6:22am at St Josephs hospital in Phoenix. She is 9lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing great we just thought we'd share some pictures with you.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lake Trip!!!

The best part about living in Arizona is going to the lake in October!!!
Steven got thrown off the Tube and racked himself on the water needless to say he wasn't a happy camper after that. Hence the sad face!
I even got to do a little knee boarding. Steven really didn't like that at all! But it's ok all the books say that the baby is well protected by your pelvic bones at first. There is no way I would do this in my 3rd trimester.

Yes that is me Crazy I know Steven didn't want me to but it was just so fun I couldn't help myself and I convinced my mom and Natalie to go with me and they went really slowly so I wouldn't hurt myself or the baby how can anyone pass that up?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mindy Got A Hair Cut!!!!!

So I come home yesterday to find a present for me in the front room (me being steven). the present said open me on it. It was oddly presented so I first went looking for Mindy. She just happpened to be in the bathroom so I decided to open the "open me" box. It was very exciting seeing how I love getting things! Well, it gets very interesting from here.... in the box I found a baggy full of hair! At first I thought it was a joke, but then I thought maybe so. You see, I have been trying to get Mindy to cut her hair short for a very long time but she always said she could never do it because of a certain emotional connection to her long hair. It was a baggy full of hair though. I screamed to Mindy "NO WAY!". Long story short, she came out of the bathroom with what I deam a miricle, SHORT HAIR! She looks beautiful, even more so than I ever imagined. She is still getting used to it, but suprisingly never cried over the loss. I love it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Diaper Cake!

Ok ok I don’t want to brag but look how cute it is!!! I am so very proud of my baby diaper cake creation I want to show it to the world!
My very best friend Danean had a baby shower a few weeks ago and it was very difficult for me to get her a present because she didn’t find out what she was having. It is hard to buy clothes for a baby when you don’t know what color to get (pink or Blue). So I had to think of what to get her that all babies boy or girl can use. The solution to the problem is…Ta Dah! Baby diaper cake!
I have to admit I can’t take all the credit for this cute invention. My aunt Lisa was the first person I knew of that made baby diaper cakes for baby showers and I looked around online and found tons of examples, pictures, directions and everything.
It is so simple it is just rolled up diapers for the cake part and decorated with ribbon and all kinds of baby stuff (ie rubber ducky, diaper rash cream, binky, baby lotion etc.) pretty much anything you can think of that babies need. And the best part is they turn out super cute!

Here's the link for directions I used. You can build your own baby diaper cake: