Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Working Woman

As of Yesterday I am officially a working mother. Actually now that I think about it all mothers are working mothers! In fact they work a lot harder during the day than most people do. The only difference is Mothers don't get to clock out at 5pm and go home and relax. They are always on the job 24/7 and they don't even get paid for it!

Well now I am a working mother that actually gets paid to work. I started back at my wonderful stay at home marketing job yesterday and so far so good. It is actually quite the tricky thing to work with a newborn I can only do my phone calls when he is asleep. Which doesn't leave much time during the day to work but as long as I get all my work done it shouldn't matter. I can send emails and arrange schedules when he is awake because no one will hear him on the other end of the phone screaming or just talking (something he really enjoys lately)

The best part is having more money. Things have been a little tight the last few months living on only one income when you are used to having 2 but we need to start saving for a house since we are going to buy one when Steven graduates in December. So we are going to try to live off one paycheck and save the other. Who knows how that will go seeing as how I have a uncanny ability for racking up medical bills. Oh well it was for a good cause. Having a baby is definately worth a few bills. Yay for Mindy working again!

So I can't have 2 posts in a row without pictures and since I don't have any pictures of me working (that would be boring anyway) Here are some of my latest pictures of Jace.


Tay and Krissy said...

What do you do for your job??

Elizabeth said...

That last one doesn't look like it's Jace...:) Hey, I need to come over and visit! Especially since I am moving soon. Call me when you can, I don't mind baby noises in the background...

EmilyLemily said...

Cute pictures of Jace! And that's good that you are able to work at home!