Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Ready to Explode!

I thought you all might enjoy a new tummy pic since I'm getting so huge now! I can't wait for Jace to come. I just want to hold him!

I made the mistake of telling Steven that I can't wait for Jace to come so I can sleep! He laughed at me =) Seriously though it is so hard to sleep when you have this huge belly weighing you down. You aren't allowed to sleep on your back or stomache, like I normally sleep so that only leaves sleeping on your side, which isn't the most comfortable position in the world.

So you finally get comfy enough to fall asleep on your side and then the arm you are laying on falls asleep just after you do so that means you have to swich sides... Which is extremely difficult with the big belly in the way and just after you finally drag your belly over to the other side and get into a comfortable position guess what happens... your other arm falls asleep so you have to switch sides again! AAARRRGGG! At least when the baby is here what little sleep I do get will be on my back dang it! You have no idea how comfortable sleeping on your back is until you can't do it any more!

*Sigh* They say it will all be worth it in the end. Well the only thing I have to say to that is the end isn't here yet so i can't tell if that is actually true! Ok I'm done ranting this baby just needs to hurry up and get here!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Steven... Super Dad!

So I was just sitting at the computer when Steven comes up behind me and asks me how to tell which side of the diaper is the front. A little confused... I told him it was the side that had the designs on it was the front. So now I have to find out what in the world he is doing with the diapers and low and behold I found him practicing putting the diaper on our stuffed animal. It was so dang cute I had to take a picture! He did it perfectly with out any help from me! (well except to find out which was the front) He's going to be such a great dad!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Closer to Baby

I just realized today that in 4 more weeks (March 1st) It will be safe to have baby Jace. All the books I've read say that by 36 weeks their lungs are fully developed and it is safe for them to be born. Not that I'm hoping he'll come that early, I want him to be really ready to come, it's just a scarry thought. Steven and I could be parents in about month. Yikes!

Speaking of planning for baby it's Baby Shower time! I am so excited for my baby shower. I think I could be even more excited for it than I was for my wedding shower. How does that work? My own personal opinion is that the stuff you get at a baby shower is way cuter that the stuff you get at a wedding shower. Even though the stuff you get isn't technically for you it's still fun to get.

I went to my friend April Hale's baby shower on Saturday. She's about a month ahead of me and having a little girl. But I really liked her shower and better yet it gave me some good ideas. I do have to say that I am so glad I didn't wait as long as she did to have my shower. She was HUGE! In a good baby way of course but still. I fealt like I was 1/2 her size and I'm only a month behind her.

Any way my awesome sister Lindsey and super excited grandma Marilyn are putting it on for me. It's going to be great. I even made my own super cute invitations! Oh I just love my baby! I can't wait to meet him and then spoil him rotten!

PS For anyone coming to the shower. I'm registered at Target but they have a special deal that everything you don't get off of your registry you get %15 off! So I've been telling everyone to get me gift cards so we can get the extra discount =)