Sunday, January 3, 2010

Worst Blogger award Goes to ME!!!!

Ok I've decided that i'm the worst blogger in the world and if they had an award to give out for bad bloging it would go to me. So it is one of my new years resolutions to be better at it. Well the actual resolution is to be better at preserving memories of my children. Like I'm going to get at least both of their first years in a scrapbook. I love writing in my journal and now I've started one for each of my kids so I can write down the silly adorable things they do so when they are my age they can read about how cute they were.

So speaking of keeping memories I'm super sad that my camera's memory card magically got reformatted and erased all my christmas pictures. I don't know how it happened it just did so now I'll have to rely on everyone else that took pictures that day for photos.

I did have a few from after christmas. Nellie is at least in her christmas PJs having tummy time with a super sparkly super fun christmas ornament from our tree. And Jace of course is showing her how to properly play with said ornament. What a good brother.

This is the most adorable picture of Jace. He got this ball pit for Christmas and this is all he has been doing in it. He loves to just lay in the balls and stare at the tree while drinking his juice. I forget that he is in there some times. He even likes to watch TV from his ball pit. I'm afraid sometimes that I won't be able to get him out of there. But at least he likes his christmas present. This week we went to the Zoo with Marilyn and Hannah. Hannah decided to come stay with us for a few days while she was here on break. I've loved having her around and so I thought she could tag along to the Zoo too. It was so nice of Marilyn to take us and we had so much fun. Although I seriously underestimaed the weather that day. I didn't have on a very warm Jacket and Hannah didn't have one at all. Fortunately her blood has warmed up a little since she's been living in Flagstaff. But at least the kids were warm

Jace loved the elephants he got so excited looking at them. They have this new observation area that makes them way closer and way cooler to look at. And of course Jace knew exactly what noise an Elephant makes. What a smart kidThis is my favorite picture of all time. Jace's favorite part of the Zoo is Harmony Farm where they have the goats you can pet. He just loves going from goat to goat touching them all and in this goats case giving it a hug on the butt. Thank you Hannah for a picture well captured

Me and Nellie waited outside the petting area. She's not into goats yet. I'm sure she'll love it someday. Just like her brother

Oh and we can't leave out the fact that I can put Nellie's hair in Pigtails now. I love it and she looks so cute with them in. She doesn't really care for the putting in of the pigtails part but what girl does. Beauty is pain Nellie. Beauty is pain.

New Years
We had a blast at Steven's aunt Nancy's house for new years. Jace is totaly in love with fire works and did just about as many fire works as he could get his little hands on.

Well there is the update for now lets hope that my resolution to keep up on my bloging will stand the test of time.


Rogers Family said...

You are so beautiful, girly! BTW, it's kinda hard to update your blog when you have a broken computer for most of the year, LOL. I love seeing pics of your kids! Love ya

Elizabeth said...

Whoo hoo! Yay for pictures and posting! :)