Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas and Kid update

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas at our house. We got out all our awesome christmas decorations (since we are huge Christmas fans) and I am especially proud of our tree. Last year I decided we needed to have a theam for our tree. So its kind of a Santa/Snowflake theme but mostly it is a red and white theme but I love it. I made all those snowflake ornaments last year and they look so good on our tree. I'm proud of myself every time I look at it. Nellie News...

Nellie as I'm sure most of you have noticed is a CHUNKER! She is 17 pounds at 3 months old. Some people might think thats a bad thing but man I love it! The main benefit is the sleep. Starting at 2 months she would sleep 5-6 hours regularly at night. Now, at 3 months old, we are up to 7-8 hours regularly. There was even one night that she slept 11 hours straight! I woke up the next morning and couldn't believe it. I'm pretty sure Jace was a year old before he slept 11 hours and 9 months before he slept 8. The other main benefit is buff arms. I was holding another baby that was about a month younger, and several pounds lighter, and I couldn't believe how easy it was. So anyone who thinks having a fat baby is bad I'll gladly disagree with them. Besides fat babies are super cute

She goes crazy for this little light up star toy I bought her It's totally adorable to watch her look at it.
Jace always seems to find a new and exciting way to crack me up. Last week he was having a little snack, puffs and juice his favorite. This time I decided to let him have the can of puffs to see what he would do with it. Thinking briliantly he came up with the idea to combine his 2 favorite things into one really amazing and yummy snack. Unfortunately the combination didn't work out so well.

Don't worry though Jace is determined enough to still get his juice no matter what. I love my kids they crack me up.


Amy F. said...

Ah, ha! So cute. I love my little chunker too. Nellie is a doll! She reminds me so much of Sammy. And Jace, he is so funny! I love that we have two kids pretty much the same age. Miss you guys!

Rogers Family said...

Love the christmas tree. And, love the fat baby, LOL! Isaac was super fat, so fat that he couldn't even open his eyes when he was born becuase his cheeks were too big, LOL. Talk about fat babies. It is great for the sleeping though, you were right. Love ya girl and miss you tons. We have got to get together soon for a playdate!