Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a day, What a day

I don't understand why everything seems to happen all at once. Its like when you actually decide to make plans in advance on a certain weekend and then all of the sudden there are a ton of conflicts on that one weekend you decided to make plans on but the last 4 weekends in a row you were sitting at home on your butt watching re-runs because you had nothing better to do. This always seems to happen to me. So as a rule of thumb I usually try not to make plans but then I'm somehow disappointed when it was the 3rd weekend in a row I absolutely had to go rent a red box to keep from going mad. So now with that glorious introduction let me tell you about the day I've had today.

I don't know how I did it but I've gone about 7 years without having to speak in church. The last time I did I was 18. Steven has never heard me give a talk that's how long its been. So I guess after 7 years it was finally time and it was this Sunday we were supposed to speak. So Friday I start to feel sick. I am achy all over and have fevers on and off. I try to just shrug it off and I can't rest that much anyway since I'm a mom. Well I guess Nellie caught the bug from me and is super cranky with fevers too. Oh and did I mention that Steven and I are the new sunbeam teachers and we have no less than 10 sunbeams in our class. Its also that time of the month which just makes everything worse. Seriously Its bad enough having to give a talk but me and Nellie were both sick. I just wish things could be simple. I guess I will take giving one really difficult talk on a super scheduled day if I only have to do it once every 7 years. But I think my luck with that has run out. They are on to me now


Julie Letner said...

wow, 7 years! You go girl. We move a lot, so it seems we are talking a lot...sorry you are sick. I am too right now. I thought colds were supposed to be done by Christmas time...Arrggghh.

The Hills... said...

Hey, hey, I found your blog through Kathryn's! Hope Nellie's feeling better! Let me know when you want to start working out again. :)