Thursday, January 14, 2010

A day of Fun!

I took the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum today. Well actually my neighbor Kate took us. I guess she had a membership and some guest passes that were about to expire so she wanted us to use them. So it was me Jace and Nellie, Kate and her 2 kids Edgren and Gwen and My friend and Neighbor Callie and her baby Eden. Its funny since we've lived here I've made lots of Neighbor friends something I haven't really done before. But all of our baby girls are only about a month apart from each other.

I've never been there before so it was nice to get to explore new things and we will definitely be going back. They had a little play area for the kids 3 and under and we all had a lot of fun there. And of course we had to get a picture of the 3 girls all the same age. They are so adorable together

Gwen Nellie and Eden

Jace had a ball too with all the fun activities there were for kids to do he loved planting flowers for his mommy He was master chef in the kitchen area. At one point he had oven mitts on both his hands. He wanted to keep them on too. He ran to the next exhibit without taking them off it was super cute.

and of course the little boy loved playing in the race car

And after a long day of playing hard and having fun Jace found a nice place to take a nap with his baby. He loves his babies

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Diane said...

What fun! Did I ever give you pics of when I took Jace and Annie to the Mesa Children's museum (not the name I think)? Maybe they were on that disk I gave you. Kids are so much fun when they're little - so glad you're able to enjoy them. -- And way to go on updating your blog, you're an inspiration (maybe).