Friday, July 11, 2008

Lunch with Heather and new baby clothes

Yesterday me and my good friend Heather Stevens got to have a girls afternoon out. Well girls afternoon with babies lunch. This is actually a tradition we have been attempting to keep up since high school. Every few months we try to go to lunch together. It was easy when we both went to ASU now that we both have babies it is a little more difficult but totally worth the effort. Her little guy Guinness is about 6-7 months older than Jace so hopefully soon they will be able to play together and then we can do play dates too.

The best part about her baby being a little older than Jace is hand-me-downs! Heather generously gave me all the clothes that Guinness grew out of. So Jace now has more clothes than Steven and I combined but at least he looks dang cute!

Heather and Guinness

Jace's new clothes

Yeah man I know I look good =)


Elizabeth said...

Oh my freaking word he is SOOOO cute!!

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

What a cute kid!! I absolutely love that picture of Jace! He is adorable!