Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Steven!

Steven turned the big 25 this past week on July 6th and boy did we have fun celebrating. It is nice to have your birthday right around a holiday because you almost always get a long weekend for your birthday. Steven had friday off work so we didn't have to wait till sunday his actual birthday to start celebrating.

Steven got golf clubs from his Mom for his birthday. He figured it would be a good investment to learn how since it seems like everyone in the engineering world plays golf. Another reason was the head of his company asked him to play but he had to turn him down because he didn't know how. So off to the driving range we went to try the new clubs.

Jace liked watching daddy hit the balls from his new bumbo

Steven practicing every chance he got (inside Sports Authority in their golf section)

His first sip of Soda in 3 weeks. He decided to take the day off for his birthday. I'm so proud of him for giving up soda.

Then we went to Famous Daves for his birthday dinner

Happy birthday baby I love you!

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