Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Baby and Pics from our trip

Our neighbors and friends Melissa and Bryan Rogers welcomed a new baby girl on Saturday Morning isn't she cute

Welcome Baby Kaylee Marie

Family picture!

Me and my Auntie Kathy

Me and Brett.

I love Grandma so much I'm going to try to eat her!

Yeah I know I look good

Yeah I'm ok with this whole ocean thing just as long as I get to wear my cool shades

Daddy and Me

Reading on the beach My favorite!

Yes you can have too much fun!


RedFeather said...

Oh my gosh, look at the hair on that new little one! Too cute!

Also I LOVE that photo of Brett and Jace. The look on Jace's face like "how do I get down from here?". Awesome!

Joshua & Jessica said...

Jace is adoreable. We are in Gilbert now, house sitting for Tyler Allen's parents while they are on their mission. We definately need to do a play date. Call me and we'll get together.