Saturday, November 1, 2008

Notes from our trip

So to catch you all up on our trip to Georgia. So Jace and I spent 2 weeks with Scott, Penny, Jones and Maine playing, hanging out and having tons of fun. The best part though was when Steven spontaniously made the trip to georgia after his EIT test to bring Jace and I home. Here are just a few highlights for you to enjoy.

I'd like to say that Jones and Jace played together the whole time we were there. They didn't show too much interest in each other at first but did have some moments where they played well together. Playing might be a stretch. Jones liked to beat up on Jace fun, but Jace took it like a pro.

There were some fun cousin times together like bath time. The best thing about bath time was how white Jace was in the bath next to Jones. He looked like an albino kid =)

And of course Jace had to taste the Georgia variety of grass. I think he was trying to see which brand he likes better =) Oh and it was really cold while we were there I had to buy Jace some warmer clothes his shorts just weren't cutting it.

Jace got to spend some quality time with his uncle... which is one of the main reasons why we went there

And of course Steven got to spend some time with his new nephiew Maine.

And of course after weeks of being sooo close to crawling Jace finally did it! While we were waiting at the gate at the airport to go home. We really wanted Scott and Penny to be there to see it but at least now we have a good story about the first time he crawled.

We had a really fun time in Georgia. I actually was kinda sad coming home. I miss wearing my sweater and especially since Steven was there I could have stayed a lot longer.


Julie Letner said...

You have a cute boy. I love Georgia. I went to EFY there one year at Emory University.

Kayla said...

How fun! The cousin's are so cute together! Adorable kids all around =) You guys have good genes =).