Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh soooo tired

I know it is hard being a baby. Life is tough man. There is all the eating... all the pooping... the crying... and of course a kids gotta play. But after a while, it just wears you out and you get to a point where you just need a break.

I think I was reading the grocery adds while he was in his highchair happily eating his food. Which he likes to do all by himself thank you very much. After a while I noticed he was a little quite. So I look over at him and he was zonked! He didn't even stir when the flash went off on the camera. I was seriously close to peeing my pants I was laughing so hard


Julie Letner said...

Wait until they start nodding their heads, almost hit their food with their face, and then fall out of their chair. Ha Ha.

Brittany Kristin Calkins said...
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EmilyLemily said...

He is so cute!!!

Kathryn Olsen said...

HAHA!! It's times like these that make all that work worth it, for mommy that is! Sometimes they are just so dang cute! Glad you got a picture! Its SO CUTE!!