Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

In the spirit of the fall season we decided to do something festive by going to the pumpkin patch at Pettit Creek Farms. It was only about a 45 min drive away and was way worth the drive.

They had pumpkins and a petting zoo, hay rides and crazy animals to see. Even though the kids were really too young to really know what was going on I really think they enjoyed it. I know we did.

My favorite thing to take pictures of is of course my super adorable baby Jace. I think he looks like a baby model in winter fashion. I know my opinion is just a little bias. But that's ok I'm his mother I'm allowed to be that way

We went on a hay ride to see the farm and some of their cool animals. I'm sorry to say that Jace was more interested in chewing on the hay ride than he was in the animals we saw. Silly boy

Jones and Jace are having tons of fun playing together. Super cute cousins. I think Scott is enjoying them too. =)

Of course a farm is always a good place to work on my photography skills. I got some super cute shots of Scott and Penny. I have got to add that Penny looks fantastic for just having a baby 3 WEEKS AGO!!! Go Penny go you look great!

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