Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Diaper Cake!

Ok ok I don’t want to brag but look how cute it is!!! I am so very proud of my baby diaper cake creation I want to show it to the world!
My very best friend Danean had a baby shower a few weeks ago and it was very difficult for me to get her a present because she didn’t find out what she was having. It is hard to buy clothes for a baby when you don’t know what color to get (pink or Blue). So I had to think of what to get her that all babies boy or girl can use. The solution to the problem is…Ta Dah! Baby diaper cake!
I have to admit I can’t take all the credit for this cute invention. My aunt Lisa was the first person I knew of that made baby diaper cakes for baby showers and I looked around online and found tons of examples, pictures, directions and everything.
It is so simple it is just rolled up diapers for the cake part and decorated with ribbon and all kinds of baby stuff (ie rubber ducky, diaper rash cream, binky, baby lotion etc.) pretty much anything you can think of that babies need. And the best part is they turn out super cute!

Here's the link for directions I used. You can build your own baby diaper cake:


The Ellis Family said...

I love the baby diaper cakes! Yours turned out so cute, I can't wait to make one for somebody now! Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth said...

That is so awesome!!!

Hey, what are you two doing for conference this weekend? My TV doesn't have channels anymore for some reason. I hooked up the DVD, and with some magic from Alice it works, but now I can't watch normal everyday TV. :( Anyways, I was wondering if maybe for one or two of the sessions I could hang at your pad?? :) We need to hang out anyways. :)

Joy said...

Very cute Mindy, you're so crafty :)! I'll have to try this out sometime..

Janel said...

Hi Guys, whats up?? Cute cake, good job Mindy!!

Ben said...

That is disgusting, what's the filling?