Saturday, October 18, 2008

Missing my Family :(

So it is late on Saturday night and I (Steven) am missing my family like crazy. This past month or so I have really crazy busy. I am about to take this huge test that says I can be an engineer once I graduate. The problem is that it is quite hard and as a result I have been at school late every night lately. On top of that now Mindy and Jace are in Georgia visiting baby Maine and the other Raisors. My test is next Saturday and they come home the next Monday. I cant wait for the day! I actually was just looking at some pictures and videos of them and wanted to just share with everyone out there reading this, and hopefully my love as well, how much I really do love my family and how I just cant get enough of them. One more week and then one more month of school and all I have to worry about is work and most importantly my family!

Some of the pics I was just looking at;

Jace loves this;

Isn't she beautiful!


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Mindy said...

That's exactly what I said

Diane said...

Wow! What a wonderful family when everyone loves and appreciates each other. Way to go! Absence makes the heart grow fonder that's for sure, a little bit is good for everyone.