Friday, September 26, 2008

Scooting and Pretzel Love!

Jace has really been working on his crawling skills lately. He is pretty good at rolling over a few times to get where he needs to go. But that isn't enough for my little man. He wants to be able to take on the world at a little faster pace than just rolling. If there is something he wants that is just out of reach he stretches himself out, puts his head down on the ground and pulls his knees under him. Then when he stretches back out he has moved a little. Yay for my little scooter.



And look at me go!

Jace absolutely loves pretzels! Infact I can't keep them away from him. He especially loves the big thick ones. I think they are easier for him to hold on to. But I give him one while I am making his baby food. (Otherwise he screams bloody murder) Once I get his food made I try to take it away from him so he will eat. but oh no. He gets so mad when I try so I just have to let him have it. It actually helps him eat. I put a bite of food in his mouth and then he sucks on the pretzel to help it go down. What a funny Kido

I just love pretzels. They help my food go down nice and easy

Mommy I'm just so happy

Maybe I can get them both in my mouth at the same time =)


Deb N Stu said...

Your baby is seriously so cute! I want to hold him so bad.

RedFeather said...

Gah! I miss him! I need to see you guys soon! I have had two discs sitting here for the last couple months for you and I have not seen you!

Want to do dinner sometime soon? I have a maternity shoot Tues and a wedding Saturday but somewhere in between maybe?