Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby's First Baseball Game

This weekend we took Jace to his first (and last) game of the season. We have been wanting to take him for a while now but we finally got the opportunity. Steven's Aunt Brooke was going and invited us to go along. We were even able to score some really good free tickets from one of Steven's friends. It turned out to be a really good game too the Diamondbacks even won! Woohoo!

Family Photo:
We didn't even think to ask someone to take a picture of the 3 of us but some really nice guy offered on his way out so ta da! Family picture

Jace has had his diamondbacks onesie for a while now but we scored this super cool hat while we were at the game. He actually has another hat but it is still way to big for him so we got another one just for the game. We had to search almost every store for one that fit him but we finally found the perfect one.

What's the point of having a kid if you can't spoil him every once in a while. In fact we spent more on him than the entire rest of our day. But we couldn't pass on his little diamondbacks bat. He loved that thing he was hitting Steven with it and loved throwing it at the people in front of us. Good thing he was so cute or they would have been a little more mad at him =)

The end of the game turned into a real nail biter and everyone was on their feet so Jace got on my shoulders for a better view. I had to wear Steven's hat so Jace wouldn't attack my hair. His favorite thing to eat lately

Well I think hair was his favorite thing to eat until we gave him some Cotton Candy. He loved it! Much better than hair=)

Then of course we figured he would have a better view on daddy's shoulders

Even Auntie Brooke came over for a visit=) We didn't have seats next to each other but she was the reason we got to go to the game at all. Thanks Auntie Brooke =)


Joshua, Jessica & Kash said...

So we totally have to get together again for lunch sometime. Maybe let Jace and Kash play a little more since they're getting around even better. Kash wants to walk so bad but doesn't have the balance he needs to hold himself up. It won't be too long before they are both running us crazy!

Natalie said...

Jace is possibly, no is the cutest diamondback out there! I'm glad you guys had a blast, wish we could have gone with you! Looks like it was a blast!

Elizabeth said...

How fun! Congrats on being an Aunt again, btw.

Dallas said...

I'm sad that we couldn't go to the game with you. I haven't been in forever, and it looks like it was a really fun time!

TK said...

Jace is just so-o cute!

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

Hey I responded to your comment. Check it out!!

Diane said...

I just love your pictures - especially family one and the one with Jace on your shoulders, those are keepers. What a doll-baby you have.