Monday, January 28, 2008

Ever Expanding Belly!

Just thought everyone would like to see just how big I'm getting. With the baby getting bigger and bigger so does the belly. It is actually really fun as he gets too big for my stomache he gets easier and easier to see and feel. Steven loves it when we sit on the couch after dinner (you know when mom and baby are both fat and happy) and every time he shifts position you can see my whole stomache move with him. Steven even thinks his favorite past time is kicking him in the face. Every time Steven rests his head on my tummy to talk to Jace, he always kicks him right in the face. Go Jace go! Only 2 more months until he can actually kick him in the face.


Elizabeth said...

You are SUCH a stinking cute pregnant lady! And that is hilarious that Jace is kicking him in the face!

I will just have to come over some time to play Wii then, although my new roommate has 7 different game systems and as soon as she has the money will own a Wii. VERY excited!

RedFeather said...

Whoa- thats a big difference from the last picture. Bigger belly means time to start thinking about doing those photos....when do you want to do that? The 8-8.5 month mark is generally when its done- not much time to go lady!