Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We've been Booed

I had my door bell rung yesterday evening and i got to the door just in time to see tail lights rounding the corner of my culdesac. I was a little puzzled as to why someone would just ring and run but I found a lovely little supprise on my door step and my confusion was replaced with a huge smile. We've been Booed ;) I have never thought of doing something like this for Halloween. When I was a kid my absolute favorite christmas activity was doorbell ditching our neighbors with Holiday treats. Ususally my little brothers Lincoln and Landon were sent to do the running (since they were the fastest) but I always loved the thrill of sneaking up to the door, praying not to get caught and then running for my life back to the van so we wouldn't ;) My instructions for this halloween doorbell ditch is to do this to at least 2 other families in our neighborhood. I am super excited to spread this fun on to our neighbors and I might not be able to help myself going to more than two houses. I honestly have been trying to get the energy to make halloween cookies with my kids for a couple weeks now (thanks to my pregnancy stealing all my energy and making me sick) this hasn't happened yet. But now I have new motivation and Oh boy is it going to be fun.

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