Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween... here we come

So Jace has been talking for weeks about how he wanted to be a T-Rex for halloween. This has been quite troubling for me since we are being very strict with our budget and all the T-rex costumes I could find anyway were made for toddlers not giant 5yr olds the size of a 7yr old. So we had to put on our serious thinking caps to come up with a way for Jace to be a t-rex for halloween this year.

Honestly I was stumped. I had no idea where to even begin. My Brilliant husband came to the rescue. He found a cardboard box that was just the right size for a head and drew on teeth for me to cut out. he also cut a hole in the bottom just big enough for his head to fit through. Next we took an egg carton and cut it up to make eyes for the top. My kids had a blast helping me paint the head. We gave everyone brushed and 4 colors of paint and said ready...set...go. They did a great job.....made a HUGE mess but did a great job.

Next we needed to come up with a body. I found some old green pillow cases that were part of a failed DIY bedroom make over project I had attempted last year. They were just the right color and size. I used one for the body and another I sewed into a tail that I stuffed with an old pillow. (See honey sometimes its good not to throw everything away). The spikes were from an old sheet I had torn up to sew into something else as well. I cut up another card board box and sewed it into the spikes for some stiffness.

 I purpousefully only made small arm holes so his arms could only stick out so far since T-rexs have small arms. Hopefuly he should still be able to get plenty of candy.
After all was said and done I spent $3 on some thread and that is it!!! I think it all came together pretty nicely and judging by that smile on his face I think he likes his costme.

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