Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our own water park

After all of our hard work on the backyard we figured it was time to enjoy it. We finally have grass growing and where there is grass and kids there is a waterpark. I remember tons of times growing up where we would all get our swimsuits on and run through the sprinkelers or jump on the trampolene with the sprinkeler underneath. AAAhhh such happy memories. Well now the best part about being a mom is getting to pass down those traditions to my kids. We bought Jace a slip and slide for his 1st birthday party and miraculously it survived our move without getting any holes. It is a really fun finding nemo one where you screw the hose in one end and as it fills up with water it sprays out of holes that run all the way down the whole legnth of the slide. Simple yet efective design and the kids love it. Even Nellie (who has a hard time getting wet sometimes *such a girly girl*) throughly enjoyed herself in our backyard waterpark.

Here's some pictures from our fun
You are not making me get my hair wet Mom!!
Jace jumped right in

Ok i guess i like it
Happy kids
Daddy and Nellie
It seems like I never make it onto this blog it's all pictures of the kids and an occasional Steven. So this is me making it onto the blog =)


Diane said...

What a fun water party - I want to come to the next one!!!!

Traci said...

LOVE it! Water is always fun! :)