Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Child labor

Yes its true I'm putting my kids to work!!! But don't worry its totally legal and they love it! Jace is my sweet helper boy. He loves to be involved in anything and everything I am doing especially when there is water involved and especially when there are bubbles to play with. I decided it would be a fun and much needed activity to wash the car with the kids. Nellie wasn't too thrilled as I had to pen her up in the play yard (she kept trying to eat all of Steven's tools in the garage) But Jace and I had a blast. And of course i got some free child labor =)
What a good helper and so much fun too

Oh a little side note. I got to go to the zoo this past week with my wonderful lovely Heather and her boys. Sooo fun I love you heather


Amy F. said...

Too funny and cute!

I am slowly getting caught up. The one with Nellie's tongue out is so Sammy. She does the same face!! I love it.

Ben&SaraStarks said...

How fun. I'll get my kids to help me wash my car, but Michael(18 months) likes to suck on the soapy rag. Yuck. At least Julia is helpful.

Callie said...

Think he'll want to do my car too? ;)

P.S. I love that picture of Eden and Nellie. Can you email me the pics you took while you guys were here swimming? Oh and I think we'll be down there next week, we should get together!

Diane said...

I think Jace is ready to wash Grandma's car next, let him know we're ready whenever he is.