Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wonderful Birthday/Anniversary Weekend

I love the month of August! In fact I think August is my favorite month for 2 reasons. First is my birthday and 2nd is our Anniversary. Now I'm sure you're all wondering why our Anniversary isn't first but I was born way before I had an anniversary so it gets to be first.

I have recently come to really appreciate and enjoy my birthday. I don't think I really enjoyed my birthday until my wonderful husband showed me how. He absolutely loves his birthday, and the world revolves around him when it is his day. Lucky for me that means the world revolves around me when it is mine.

Fortunately for me this year I get a birthday week. Steven's mom is going to be out of town on my actual birthday, and since the family tradition is dinner at the restaurant of your choice, we celebrated a week early. Of course I chose the Cheesecake factory Yum! They have the best mahi mahi dish that is to die for! So with dinner this weekend and my actual birthday next weekend it's like my birthday all week!

August is also our 3 year anniversary, and who doesn't love their anniversary? Instead of getting each other wrapped gifts we bought each other massages! My mom watched Jace for an hour or so this afternoon while we went. It was so relaxing and fun definately a great anniversary gift.

Another new fun thing to add to the exciting weekend is Dallas and Natalie are spending the night at our house tonight, and tomorrow we are going to our new ward. Yay I can't wait!


Diane said...

I just love birthday weeks, that's how we do it here. Altho I remember my first birthday married to your dad, it got a bit lost when the next day was Lincoln's bday. Around here I've found if the mom wants a bday week she has to work a bit harder at it. So, what do you want from the Turley's for bday week? Babysitter? Party? Amazing, fabulous gifts? Let us know. Congrats on 3 years!!!!

Deb N Stu said...

Happy birthday Mindy! It's on the 17th right? I hope I remembered it right! Yes Stu and I live in Gilbert, we totally need to hang out sometime. We should get all of us girls from Windsor ward and have a party.

Joshua & Jessica said...

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! I know birthday's are wonderful, but my hubby says it's just another day so he's not too into them though I wish he was. Anyway, Thanks for the comment on my blog about the workouts. If you want to come with me I can get you set up. It's not expensive and they have childcare available. Just let me know. It would be fun to workout with someone.

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (A little late)!! It was a lot of fun staying at your house! We'll have to do it again ;)