Friday, August 15, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Jace definitely has favorite things to play with and they are even more his favorite when they are combined. Her loves sitting in his bumbo he gets to have a cool view point and loves to watch what I am doing. He also loves playing with his rings. He tries to see how many he can fit into his mouth and then see how far he can chuck them. Silly kid. Here are a few pics with the dinamic duo making my kid the happiest on earth =)

I just love my rings

I could eat them here or there... I could eat them everywhere

Playing with my jungle gym is so much more fun in my Bumbo

Bumbo Bath time

Oh just a little farther I know I can get those rings


Tay and Krissy said...

That's funny that we our babies are pretty much a year apart. It's weird to look at your pictures and think that's about where I'll be a year from now. We weren't trying for a baby so I'm still kinda settling into the shock and the idea that I'm gonna be a mommy soon. So... was this a good time to be prego in AZ? I've heard missing the heat of summer is gonna be AMAZING and not having to bundle a newborn in the winter will be nice too. :)

Angee said...

I'm so sorry we missed you! It would've been fun to see your baby too! My sister lives right there in the apartments across the street and I'm there all the time! She's going to pop any day now and 2 little boys will be coming out to play with! :) We'll have to find a time to see each other!