Friday, April 4, 2008

Baby Jace is Home!

This is a video of him smiling. He is so cute, I cant believe it! Anyway Jace came home yesterday after an extra night in the hospital. He was being treated for jaundice. The doctor told us he was right on the boarderline for jaundice but they wanted to nip it in the bud. (or is it butt?) He seems to be much better now, except that he doesn't ever want to wake up during the day. He does like the evening time though seeing how much he was up last night! I guess that is normal for babies though. We are so happy to finally have him home.

So besides having a baby there is another story to tell. It happened Wednesday morning. I (Steven) was in the hospital parking lot driving around looking for a spot to park in. I was thinking how exciting it was going to be taking home my two loves when out of no where I felt a huge bang. The first thought I had was that i couldn't believe that i just ran into a parked car! How stupid could I have been. To my suprise when I looked back after I stopped, there was a truck in the middle of the isle with its backup lights on. This is when I realized that I definatly was hit and it wasn't my fault. Whew! The other lucky thing was that the lady who hit me did have insurance and there was a whitness who came over to help me out. So everthing is being taken care of luckily. I drop it off at the insurance's repair shop on Monday and pick up my rental. It made for a stressful day though. One can only laugh though. Here are some picks of the damage.


EmilyLemily said...

Oh! Jace is so cute! I love that he really didn't want to wake up, but that was a great smile!

Too bad about your car! Hopefully it doesn't take too long to fix...

Brittany K Lane said...

the video is to die for! That face at the end! WOOT! HE IS A DOLL!