Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still No Baby!

Just in case all of you are wondering.... No we have not had our baby yet. Steven seems to think that Jace is just too comfortable in my tummy and doesn't want to leave. If only I was as comfortable as he is then we wouldn't have such a big problem. In case any of you were keeping track, my due date has come and gone and still no baby.

The worst part of it all is not even having a glimmer of hope. Our doctor is really retarded! She won't even check me to see if I am dilated, or if things are progressing at all. At the last visit on Wednesday we asked her if she would strip my membranes. I've heard from many sources that the procedure can help speed things along. Her response to our request was "Oh no you don't want me to do that. It's not very pleasant" Ok, Lady... if I didn't want you to do that then why did I just ask you to? Seriously I know it isn't the most fun thing in the world but anything is better than sitting her being miserable without any hope of an ending.

Being induced isn't an option either. The hospital has a very "off hands approach" and they won't induce until 42 weeks. That means I could be pregnant for 2 weeks longer than everyone else. I told my doctor that having large children ran in my family and that I was worried my baby would get too big and I wouldn't be able to get him out and I'll end up having to have a c-section. I told her that my brother Dallas was a hefty 11lbs 12oz after being only 6 days late and she didn't even believe me! She said that my mother must have had gestational diabetes because, and I quote "babies just don't get that big on their own." Well they do in my family lady!!!

I am seriously frustrated and uncomfortable at this point so we are asking everyone to pray for us that we will have this baby sooner rather than later.


Elizabeth said...

You poor thing!!!

Diane said...

Wow, that's the saddest thing I've ever read. We've been praying for you for this whole time & recently that Jace will come soon. I guess since we're fasting tomorrow anyway we'll put in an extra heavy duty prayer for you, that should do it. I already bought your "see the brand new baby" gift so I figured that would speed things along.

RedFeather said...

Is it too late to find a new doctor who will actually listen to what you are saying? How awful!

I hope the little stinker comes out soon!

Van Vleet Family said...

Oh no. I would be sooo mad at my doctor. Let her know your cousin had a 11 lb 4oz baby and had no gestational diebetes and I was only 2 days overdue! Same with Nathan, no diebetes, 2 days over due and still had a 10 lb 12 oncer. I will definately pray for you. Tyler was stuck for hours, but prayer and a preisthood blessing made it all okay, so have faith and we'll all pray for you. You will do great and he will be okay :) Love you!

EmilyLemily said...

Aww!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Penny said...

oh yes he is! YAY!