Sunday, March 9, 2008

Steven... Super Man!

This weekend we went to the ostrich festival. It was sort of a spur of the moment thing though. It was a double date actually with our friend Shane, the pretty blond, that went not as planned at all. We started the evening planning on going to the Piano Bar after dinner down on mill. But as Shayne and her date were driving down the south 202 they saw the festival and decided they wanted to go there instead. So we ended up eating near there and then going to the festival.

This is where Steven became my super man! His powerful arms took over and smashed beer bottles like they were glass...wait I guess they are glass. Anyway, he won at beer bust by smashing two beer bottles with a baseball. He won me and Jace a big pooch we named Bear.

Getting Ready to Strike em out!

Mindy loves her doggy

"We have a winner!"

Shayne and Ryan

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Elizabeth said...

You got another one! I didn't click on those links, but my goodness! And YAY for Steven!!