Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our New Office!

Ok since this whole having a baby thing is very real we decided that we should start getting ready for baby starting with the baby room. We decided, since I work from home and Steven still has lots of homework and school stuff, that we can't afford to not have an office space. Our solution is a multi-functional office/baby room.

Before in our 2nd bedroom the room acted as our catch-all room. (Lots of people I know have a catch-all drawer, we had a whole room!) Anything that we didn't need or were currently using was haphazardly thrown in and the door was shut as fast as possible. We knew we were going to have to clean it eventually and we recently discovered our apartment had outside storage (Yay) so it seemed like a good time.

We bought a brand new beautiful L-shaped desk and Steven and I spent many hours cleaning out the room, putting things in storage and setting up the desk. (Steven did most of the work of course I’m Pregnant and Sick I don’t have to do anything I don’t want too it’s my right). Anyhow… he did such a great job that I thought you all should see it!

Now that we have a beautiful clean baby room/ office we can start collecting all of our baby essentials like cribs and changing tables and all that jazz. We were smart and gave ourselves plenty of time to collect all the necessities. (I think 6 months is plenty of time).

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Ben said...

It looks like the left side of that desk could double as a changing table , you would just have to make sure you clean it well after each use.