Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I think Halloween is always more fun when you have kids. They get so excited to dress up and candy is so much more exciting to a 2yr old than a 25yr old =) We had so much fun this year for Halloween. Jace was wolverine, Nellie was a hula girl, Steven was an Army guy and I was a circus ring leader.

We went to 2 trunk-r-treats this year and the kids had a blast at both. I think we will do the whole trick-r-treating around the neighborhood thing next year when Nellie is a little older. Jace totaly had the hang of it this year. At our trunk-r-treat he kept saying "tricky-treat mommy" and held out his bucket. He kept comming back again and again expecting me to give all the candy we brought to him. So cute.

Nellie didn't really make the rounds with Jace and daddy but she did dance for anyone that asked. It almost looked like she was actually doing the Hula. So here's a few pictures from our Halloween adventures this year.

My wolverine enjoying a quick sip before he returns to kicking butt Hula Nellie.
Nellie actually had a huge blow out in her costume. It was absolutely aweful and we ended up having to throw away her grass skirt. It got all over her white onesie so I took it off, put her coconut bikini back on and we went home naked.

Brother Halterman was making baloon hats for the kids at the party and Nellie got a heart hat. Its about as big as she is.
Spiderman JonesMaine the cookie monster


The Hills... said...

Cute costumes! Too bad Nellie's got destroyed!

Dallas and Natalie Turley said...

Nellie is super cute...while it lasted :0)

Elizabeth said...

That is so sad about Nellie's costume!!! Hopefully it didn't cost too much...I cannot believe how big she is!!!

I love that he and Jones both were superheroes...very cute! And Maine as cookie monster! Precious...

So do we get a picture of you and Steven?? I want to see you as a circus ring leader!!!

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SYahirah said...

You have a very nice family :)

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Awww..this is absolutely cute. A big thumbs up.

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I love that he and Jones both were superheroes...very cute! And Maine as cookie monster! Precious...

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