Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health, Halloween and House

Health - First off an update on mindy. She is doing great. She had her surgery and everything is fine now. It took her an extra few weeks to get healthy but she is there now. we appreciate all the concern and help. By the way our computer went down again and that is why there wasn't an update sooner. we really need to get a new one but they cost so dang much.

Halloween - Of course it was Halloween recently and we have a couple of pics for you. I (Steven) was a ninja. Mindy was a very hot cop! Nellie was a pumpkin. And Jace was the best Jack Jack ever! He got so many compliments and thanks to some duct tape and black lipstick I would have to agree.

House - We finally closed on our house and moved in! Like I said our computer is down so i am sneaking this post from work and only have a few pics from my phone so here is a pic of the kitchen and you'll have to wait for pictures of the rest.

and of course just a couple more cute pics of our awesome kids!


Elizabeth said...

He really is such a good Jack the costumes, soooooo glad Mindy is healthy, congrats on the house!!!

Chelsea said...

I am glad that all is going ok with Mindy, you are a tough lady!
I love the costumes and that is awesome you guys got a house! Hope to see you soon!

Marianne Thayne said...

Ok I knew Mindy had the same problems again---but I didn't know she was having surgery... What kind? I am glad she is doing well whatever it was.
The Halloween pics are cute. That little Nellie reminds me of Hannah (and I remember Hannah well.) I hope all is well with the Raisor Family. (OH and congrats on the house).

Rogers Family said...

That's so great!! Where is your guy's new house? The kiddos are getting so big. Your little girl is adorable.