Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lincoln is Home

And yes ladies and gentlemen he is as goofy as ever! Tuesday we got to pick Lincoln up from the airport coming home from his mission to Santiago Chille. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised that our little goofy Lincoln is now just a bigger version of his same goofy self. I was expecting him to be all grown up but "NEVER" he would say. He did have some trouble remembering some english words which I thought was totaly hilarious and adorable. He doesn't have an accent though he said there were lots of Gringos down there to talk to. Keep the english in his head. But yes ladies he is alive and well and now on the meat market. I am actually very curious to see what kind of crazy wonderful girl it will take to love my adorable goofy little brother. We shall see....

So his flight came in 10 min early so I didn't quite get time to fininsh coloring in the O on welcome. I think he still enjoyed the gesture. It's really the thought that counts right...
Raggity Lincoln. His suit had holes all over in it and his pants pocket had a huge poorly done patch on the back pocket. Lincoln... it's time to burn your suit. =)
Lincoln and Jace finally got to meet eachother. He got lots of pictures by email but things are always better in person. I think Jace likes his Uncle.
Hurray for Lincoln we are so happy to have you home.

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Nathan and Alicia said...

Yay! Welcome home Lincoln! I bet he was so excited to meet Jace!Krista is in Osorno, Chile and is almost half way done! I am so excited for the day that she comes home!