Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hairy Steven and a Baby Name

November is no shave month. So this month I have not shaved yet and I like to think that I have a good beard going. It does itch like crazy though and I have been known to comb it through with a straight comb. I know it sounds nerdy but it does feel good! I am thinking of shaving it into a chin strap because my blond mustache is not my favorite thing in the world. Plus then Mindy will be more willing to kiss me if I have don't have prickly hair around my mouth.
On a different note, and much more important one, we have chosen a name for the baby! His name is going to be Jace Raisor. We do hold the right to change it though. If he comes out and he is obviously not a Jace then we will change it, but hopefully we got it right. We still are working on a middle name so if anyone has a suggestion drop us a line and we might consider it. Just think, if we decided we like it you can brag about naming our kid.


The Ellis Family said...

I like Heather for a middle name. I don't think he would be made fun of too much... :)

Elizabeth said...

Jones and Jace. That's cool. I like it! If you want name suggestions, I could get you tons of family names if you would like.

EmilyLemily said...

I know someone named Jason but strictly goes by Jace. I like that name a lot. And that is quite a beard you are getting!

Elizabeth said...

Mindy, I figured out how to add a picture to the header in blogger. I will come by and show you some time if you would like. I haven't added a photo yet, I just found where they explain how to do it, and it's pretty simple. Just FYI.