Monday, July 16, 2007


The last weekend in June we went on a ROAD TRIP BABY!!! We took along our friends and neighbors Matt and Rachel for some California fun! Steven got a free 2 night stay in a timeshare from someone at his work in Lake Arrowhead California. Now I was under the impression that this was going to be a beach vacation... boy was I wrong. We ended up at over 6000 ft in the cool mountains surrounding lake arrowhead. In my mind it was even better than the beach. It was 80 degrees and beautiful during the day and much cooler in the 60's at night. I almost wished I had brought a jacket. Seriously it was so much fun to just have a few days to relax and get away I highly reccomend it! Oh and before I forget, Mindy is the all time poker queen. I am proud to say that I beat everyone at our almost 4hour poker challenge! Instead of playing for money we played for favors and now Rachel owes me a massage! Go Me!

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Ben said...

what, no trip to Temecula, whats up with that?